The Healthy Energy Drink

The Fusion of Diet and Science®

The zero calorie diet beverage with no after taste.


100% Natural Flavors


Real Fruit Extracts


Caffeine Free


Prebiotic Soluable Dietary Fiber


Vitamin Fortified


Low Sodium




Premium Green Tea


No Benzoates


No Aspartame




    The perfect fusion of ingredients to yield an

    energy drink that was truly made with all

    the best science in mind.


    The healthy energy drink with no sugar

    and no caffeine.


    Every can has 4 grams of soluble dietary



    Each serving has 100 mg of potassium.


    Green tea polyphenols added.


    Only the good stuff in this premium dietary

    beverage including a natural stevia extract

    for just the right amount of sweetness with

    no after taste.

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Ocean Chem International Corp.

Montgomery, Al 36116


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Made in the USA